Customer loyalty is an asset. It's time to use it.
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Raising capital is among the most challenging activities for founders. However, one simply can’t run a company without funds.

You’re in luck — we know exactly how to help you!
And as for finding investors... Who is a better investor than someone who loves your product already?

We will make sure your fundraising process is
Guaranteed start of the fundraising campaign in 2 weeks after you apply.
Zero cost to launch a campaign. The only setup fee is 1,000 EUR for the legal structuring.
You can choose to raise the funds in fiat and crypto. You can raise the funds directly on your website via a special widget.
And we care about your community just like you do
Your investors will be real shareholders with protected shareholder rights
If the campaign is not successful, we return the money in full to investors
The investing will be absolutely free for them, no commissions or entrance fees involved
Communicate, manage and share success together
Communicate, manage and share success together
Manage your dividend payments in a few clicks
Easily conduct corporate votings with very flexible parameters
Communicate with your shareholders directly by posting news and updates and sharing reports and analytics
Manage your cap table digitally
Enjoy automated realtime updates in the ownership structure
How it works?
Step 1 —Before issuance
We help to choose the right issuance instrument
Our legal partners complete legal setup for you
You don't need to contact the lawyers, we do it for you — all we need is a power of attorney
Step 2 —Issuance
Book building, investors KYC, assets distribution, campaign statistics — all available in your account
Distribution of assets on Tokenomica's marketplace and on your own website via Tokenomica's widget
Step 3 —Post-campaign
Manage dividend payouts
Conduct shareholder votings
Prepare and publish financial statements and reports
Share news and updates
Automate back-office directly from your account
Manage your capitalization table digitally
How long will it take to launch the campaign?
How much will it cost to launch the campaign?
What are the costs after the issuance?
Who prepares the legal paperwork?
What type of security can I issue?
What rights will my investors get?
Ready for your business to fly?
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